The Versatility of Olive

I've always wanted an olive blazer, Its such a versatile colour. Pairing it is fun and the options are endless, you could go with your earth tones ( warm greys, tans and browns) or  the brighter complimentary colors( teal,magenta, fuschia). You can try pairing it with anything to see what works for you. I came across a look where someone paired it with a light pink shirt and a red&blue repp tie and burgundy pants.Just to give you an example of how creative you can get with an olive blazer. But I'm ranting let me get to my look, I played it safe and paired it with a white cotton shirt and navy pants. I completed the look with the ABOAGYE brown blossom tie which has some earth tones with teal and blue in it. Many thanks again to @artfulritch for the pictures.