Cairo!!!!!!! featuring the ABOAGYE reversible tie collection


The last couple of months have been extremely busy for us over here at ABOAGYE. We have been working really hard to put together this amazing reversible collection. I had to take a quick trip to Africa and decided I would stop in Egypt and visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Pyramids in Giza! Words cannot explain the feeling one gets when you are around the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. In my humble opinion, everyone needs to experience this and get an idea how great the ancient civilization of Egypt was. 

  We teamed up with a local photographer in Cairo, probably the best in Cairo from looking at her work. Thanks a lot Natalia if you are reading this! She was truly a pleasure to work with, knew Cairo really well and suggested the amazing locations we shot at. She does great work if anyone is in Cairo and wants to get some work done definitely give her a shout   

   We shot at the Great Pyramids, Old Cairo and at the marina by the Nile river. Below are the looks that were shot.


The great Pyramids

At this location I chose the ABOAGYE blue&white stripe/polka dot reversible tie. For the first look I paired the striped side of the tie with a club collar powder blue shirt, a blue blazer and a pair khakis. I completed the outfit with an orange pocket square and kept the tie in place with the ABOAGYE blue tie clip. The second look featured the polka dot side of the tie, and orange blazer paired with a white shirt and navy pants.

Look 1 



Look 2:




Old Cairo

After an hour at the Pyramids we headed back to the hotel which was 5 minutes away and changed for an hour long ride to old Cairo. Traffic is Cairo is really bad but it was all worth it, Old Cairo is really beautiful. I took a couple of videos when we were walk around for you guys.


 Look :

For the look at this location I paired the ABOAGYE black&white polka dot/floral tie with a grey window pane 3 piece suit.




Our last location wast at the Cairo Marina located on the banks of the Nile river. Oh yes another video to show you the beauty of Cairo.

Look 1:

The ABOAGYE pink gingham/paisley tie was paired with a grey 3 piece suit and a white cotton shirt. Both sides of this tie were perfect for this look. I put the versatility of our reversible collection on display here by simply undoing the tie turning it to the other side a voila! 


I know this was a long week but I hope you enjoyed it. It was fun working on this collection, I hope you guys enjoy wearing it as much and we enjoyed putting the prints together.


Jesse Aboagye