Why Do You Dress Up? - Dressing As An Art Form

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In the last blog post I talked about the psychological benefit of dressing up, in this post I am going to talk about dressing as a form of art. 

Dressing up is a way to express yourself and translate what you think or feel about yourself visually. I look at this the same way a painter would express how he feels or a vision that he has in his head and translate it onto a canvas with the the stroke of a brush.The gentleman picking out his fine garments and coordinating  the colors he wants to wear is no different from the painter selecting the colors he wants to use in a painting,both are creating a masterpiece. Everybody put's on clothes but very few look at dressing up as an art form. If you are reading this you definitely care about your appearance,next time you come across a garment in a color that you are interested in but are unsure of take that leap of faith and give it a try.Explore different colors and styles that you like or think you might like.Make some mistakes, dressing up is art so enjoy the process and be proud of what you present to the world when you step out of the house.

Jesse Aboagye

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